Join the urban tribe

Get Vässla Club for Enterprise - Vässla Bike hubs for your guests to experience freedom and the City.

It's hassle free!

Low effort, high impact for your business.

It's all inclusive!

Addded value with
minimum effort!
Vässla Care team will deliver
the bikes ready to ride,
and be there for you
all the way!

Upgrade the experience!

mobility increases customer
experience and

Downtown connection!

Connect your hotel and the
city with Vässla Bike.

Go explore!

Extra revenue streams

Boost income
and customer satisfaction
at the same time.

Here's how it works

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3

1. Contact Vässla Sales

Reach out to book a demo
and Vässla Sales will get
back to you!

Contact Sales

2. Sit back and relax

Vässla Care team will
bring the bikes ready to ride
and onboard your staff.

3. Vässla Care Support

We're here for you all the way!
Questions, maintenance,
service? No worries,
Vässla Care got your back!

Vässla Bike

Ride smooth, safe and comfortable.
Skip the pedals.

Electric bike -
Silent & sustainable

App -
Stay connected

Comfy Suspension

Safe and fun to ride

Basket for luggage

Quick Charge

Faq Vässla Bike

Maximum weight?

Vässla Bike is approved for loads up to 120kg.

Time to charge the battery?

Just plug in your portable charger and you'll soon be on your way.

Am I tall enough to ride a Vässla Bike?

The minimum recommended height is 160 cm.

How far can I go?

The range is excellent, 40 km in one charge! Enough even for a long commute.

Do I need a drivers license?

In most countries you don't! Head over to our FAQ for more information.

Faq Vässla Club

What if something happens to the Bike?

The guests reaches out to Vässla Care and we will sort it out as soon as possible.

How does it work?

Contact Vässla Sales, the Vässla Care Team will deliver the bikes and instruct your staff on how to use them. Minimum effort for you!

What's in it for us? Why Vässla Club?

Offer your guests a fun and smooth vehicle to explore the city and add a extra revenue stream to your business at the same time.